About Us

We like to keep it simple; from simple equity structures to simple business plans. We endeavor to align everyone’s interests – the shareholders, managers, and the employees.


Camber Partners is a holding company and an investment firm that is run by entrepreneurs that strive to build trusted relationships with its management partners in order to produce exceptional value for all of the stakeholders – employees, customers and shareholders.

We invest in mature industries with positive, long-term trends and bring our experience, expertise, and network in driving value to our portfolio companies. Our success is driven by Camber’s investment in an operationally-focused strategy, our ability to close deals quickly with committed equity capital, and by our unique network of industry veterans, operators, investors, strategy experts and human capital professionals.

Camber Partner’s founders are entrepreneurs. We leverage our organizational expertise and our core competencies to focus on growth that encompass small buyout transactions. We focus on mature but growing industries including specialty manufacturing, distribution, business services and direct marketing.

Our philosophy emphasizes the development of our management teams, while providing our portfolio companies with proven best practices that maximize their core strengths. Our approach enables entrepreneurs and management teams to stimulate and sustain significant growth—yielding outstanding returns for all of the stakeholders.

Industry Focus

Camber Partners seeks opportunities that meet our investment criteria across a variety of industries. These industries include: Business Services…

Investment Focus

Camber Partners opportunistically considers a wide variety of potential investments but ideal investments possess the following…



Camber Partners is working with successful business owners and managers. Here you can find our past and current investments…